Hadlow Tower – 3D Virtual Tour, Kiosk and 3D Print

The Save Hadlow Tower Action Group (SHTAG) commissioned a 3D Interactive Tour of the 53m tall, Grade I listed gothic folly Hadlow Tower and the adjacent nonextant castle.

The tower was undergoing a £4m renovation, which included a new museum on the ground floor where the interactive would be installed.

FusionGFX worked with the community group, volunteers and local historians to unearth the history of not only the tower and castle but the evolution of the village and local industry.

3D Interactive Tour

We collated archive film footage, photographs, paintings, sketches, maps, artefacts, CAD drawings and hearsay to combine into an interactive tour.

The interactive comprised of large format screen, controlled by a small touch screen enabling visitors to select mini-documentaries, maps, annotated floor plans, photographs or one of four 3D interactive scenarios viewing the Tower, Castle, Village, and journeys between.

3D Printed Model

Since we had created a 3D digital model of the tower, we persuaded SHTAG to commission a physical 3D print. 

Accessibility: The model was vertically sliced such that visitors both sighted and visually impared, could see or feel each of the seven floor levels, stair cases and pathways of the tower to orientate themselves.

The 3D print was made from nylon, which was chosen for its good long term stability, strength and durability. Building up the model layer by layer at a thickness of 0.12mm each layer, the tower took five continuous days to complete.

Renovation and survey

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